East River Battery Storage
New York City, NY
Role: Commissioning, Construction Management, Environmental Management, Turnkey EPC Project Execution

The East River Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project consists of a new, 100MW generating station utilizing 110 Tesla 2XL Megapacks to provide 100MW of clean power and 400MW hours connecting to the grid through the adjacent Con Edison West Astoria Switching Station.  The project scope includes the engineering, procurement and construction of battery storage areas and substation on a New York Power Authority owned site adjacent to the East River in Astoria Queens, NY.  The project site was the home to a former gas power plant with potential subsurface voids and environmentally sensitive material.  In order to avoid potential subsurface issues, the battery storage areas are being elevated to avoid excavation and flooding issues.  The scope includes permitting with local, state, and federal agencies to include the New York Fire Department.  In addition to the 110 Tesla 2XL Megapacks, the project includes 28 medium voltage transformers, control house with relaying and 34.5kV medium voltage switchgear, disconnect switches, 138/34.5kV transformer, and fire suppression system.  A new,138kV UG Gen-Tie connects the BESS with the adjacent ConEd station.  All testing and commissioning is included in the EPC scope.